At TOTAL BLACK, we are obsessed with ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. Due to this, we have decided to be involved in the full cycle of the production process and have picked well-established manufacturing centres in Europe to work in cooperation with. We have established close relationships with our materials suppliers and manufacturers in order for us to have total control over the production process.
The whole process starts with the design of the clothes: our talented artists carefully develop concepts for the pieces and then follow on by creating separate designs for every piece of clothing.
After that, a schematics specialist develops the template and schematics for the production of the piece. This is how we make sure our products are unique in every aspect and none of our products are bought in as ready-made pieces. We also carefully select the best and most suitable materials and accessories for each piece - including the materials, buttons, zippers, stitching, etc.
Once this has all been agreed and approved by the Design Department, the materials and schematics are sent off to one of our manufacturers to produce the final product.
If the item contains a print on it, it is then forwarded to a specialist printing studio which uses state-of-the-art technology to make sure the print is applied to the highest standard, ensuring that the brightness and durability of the print meets our high standards. You can be sure, that our Signature Diamond Drop will stay for years to come.
Finally, each item goes through a quality control check before being packaged, ready to ship out to you from our UK Office.