TOTAL BLACK is a London, UK based unisex premium urban brand, producing a wide-ranging collection of clothing and accessories with a core focus of creating designs based on minimalism, symmetry and of course the colour black. It is a brand that stands for individuality, modesty and self-expression. The brand has seen worldwide success with praise from artists and has been featured in GQ, Vogue and Glamour Magazines to name a few.

The story behind the brand goes back to 2014, when TOTAL BLACK was not a brand, but a group of talented artists, designers, dancers, photographers and stylists. It consisted of members with different views and skills in the field of art, as well as varying life paths and goals, but all united in their artistic passion, dedication and creativity. With an appreciation for minimalism and symmetry, the signature look of the collective became their minimal, timeless and sophisticated all black clothing. 

 One of the vital foundations of the clothing brand we see today, is that in its roots the designs were made as one-off pieces for the artists to wear themselves. There was always emphasis on the importance of the highest level of attention to detail in the products and their quality. The clothing was not developed for a commercial business, but for the artists to express their brand in the most elegant and artistic way possible. The first TOTAL BLACK sweatshirts were an incredible rarity and only group members had them, with each one having a team members name on the back.

TOTAL BLACK decided to pursue the development of a clothing brand, following their brand philosophy strictly since day one, that they will always pay a higher price for materials and production to provide their customers with the best quality materials and specialists. To ensure only the highest quality of garments is created, the materials and fabrics are personally selected ensuring a production process of the highest quality from the very start. Check out the production process here. The designs were always warmly welcomed by supporters and artists including choreographers of platinum selling artists and headliners of festivals such as South by Southwest. Due to the demand for the products and positive reviews by their customers, the lead artist of the collective and two business partners went ahead and realised their passion in to a clothing brand.

Although some designs are more minimalist than others, you can always distinguish a TOTAL BLACK product by the Signature Diamond Drop that the brand proudly prints on every product they produce. 

We offer shipping worldwide on all our products.  

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